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foundation repair damage Dallas Fort Worth

Some Common Questions About Foundations

Here are some commonly asked questions about foundations and foundation repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area: The house inspector’s report says ” some evidence of settling” or “foundation is in reasonable condition for its age”. What does this mean? These statements may be major warning signs. Discuss this with a foundation professional. 2. What


Practical Solutions To Address Drainage Problems

Some of the practical solutions to address yard drainage problems include: Proper slope of soil away from house Gutter and A/C run-off control Surface Drains French Drains What is needed for proper drainage? The land should slope downward away from the foundation to assure that water does not collect near or under the slab, and

foundation repair damage Dallas Fort Worth

Common Causes of Foundation Problems

Digging close to the foundation. As a rule of thumb, the depth of a hole should be no greater than the distance to the foundation. Removing soil close to a foundation can cause a slumping, or a landslide condition. You often see this situation along new highways that cut through hills with steep enbankments. Inadequate


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