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The Importance Of Foundation Repair In Frisco

Foundation repair is unquestionably something that you should think about in the event that the foundation of your house is having a problem. The foundation of the house is considered as the heart of any structure or the house, without a good and well-enforced foundation then your property will literally collapse. When it comes to foundation repair, safety is the most important element that you have to remember.

Foundation is the most important aspect of any house whether it is residential or commercial property. Sadly, not all homeowner tend to take immediate action. When the condition of the foundation is already worst, they only consider on getting foundation repair. You have to keep in mind that as the house ages you may need foundation repair eventually. This may not be one of the projects that we are wishing to do but you have to do it as time goes by.

Foundation repair is commonly called for most specifically if your residence was established on expansive soils. That is why if your house is constructed under expansive land then you certainly need to have a foundation repair.

Weather and water are house foundation’s worst enemies. They can cause bad effects with the foundation of the home. Floods, heavy rainfall or snow can allow the water to seep within the house foundations, which can be harmful to the foundation. , if you have the right foundation repair services they will be the ones who can help you correct the problem.


Then they can also pauses a treat to your home foundation, if you have large trees within your house. As the tree grows, the roots underneath are also looking for more space, over time the roots may reach the foundation causing some problem and damaging the foundation of the house or property.

It is very imperative to know the right tell-tale signs that can indicate that you need foundation repair. One aspect that you can determine that there’s something with your house foundation is the windows or door does close or not open easily.

Getting the right foundation repair expert is a must in order to make sure that you can assure that the foundation problem or issue is corrected. When looking for a reliable foundation repair service, it is important to select the ones that can offer great services you need for such endeavor. You can also select the right provider with the right experience and track record in the industry of home repair specifically foundation repair.

Foundation repair is certainly something that you need to consider in case the foundation of your house is having a problem. The foundation of the house is considered as the heart of the house or any structure, without a well-enforced and good foundation then your property will literally collapse. They only consider on getting foundation repair when the condition of the foundation is already worst. Floods, heavy rainfall or snow can allow the water to seep within the house foundations, which can be harmful to the foundation. Getting the right foundation repair expert is a must in order to make sure that you can assure that the foundation problem or issue is corrected.

Foundation Related Services Provided For Residential And Commercial Properties In Frisco

Foundation Repair Services We Provide

Slab Foundation

  • Concrete pressed pilings locked and aligned with our unique CarbonLoc system which eliminates the possibility of lateral movement.
  • Deep penetrating steel piers driven directly below your home’s foundation, doing away with the need for troublesome brackets.

Pier and Beam

  • Concrete pad and block supports
  • Replacement of rotten or broken beams
  • Re-shimming using only steel shims

Soil Stabilization

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Specifically formulated to reduce the amount of swelling and shrinking day soils will experience when exposed to extreme moisture changes.
  • Designed not to harm the environment or the individuals exposed to it.

Completion Details

  • Removal and replacement of broken or loose mortar. We expertly match new mortar to existing mortar color on your home.
  • We strip out old window and door caulking and replace it with high-grade silicone or latex caulk in the color of your choice.

Foundation Drainage

  • Surface drains including grate drains, channel drains and swales.
  • Subsurface French drains.
  • Seamless gutters and downspouts.

Combination Pier

  • Lifetime transferable warranty. Provides added depth of the steel and the affordability of the concrete
  • 2 7/8”steel pipe goes deeper into the soil
  • Large concrete pilings help ensure the longevity of the pier

Concrete description

  • Provides temporary foundation repair
  • Periodic adjustments may be necessary due to limited depth
  • Most cost effective solution

Steel piers

  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Engineered to last for the life of your home
  • 2 7/8” steel pipe provides the most depth
  • Schedule  40  thickness
  • Sleeve lock steel Segments

Safeguarding Your Home

  • Automated Foundation Irrigation Systems
  • One solution to the problem of inconsistent soil moisture is the installation of an automated foundation irrigation system. Running off the homes exterior water, these systems utilize preprogrammed solar power timers that water your home’s foundation throughout the year to maintain a controlled and consistent moisture level

Gutter Installation

  • Installing gutters on your home can have a substantial impact on the performance of your of your foundation. Roof runoff during Texas rains should be directed away from the house through the use of  gutters. Ideally, the gutters would be tied into a professionally installed drainage system

Drainage Solutions

  • Solid Drain
  • A solid drain utilizes a solid corrugated pipe with a catch basin. This system can move a higher volume of water than other drain types

Here is a short video giving you more information about the company and its philosophy on foundation repair:

Frisco Texas Neighborhoods

We serve Frisco Texas neighborhoods with foundation repair, other concrete repair (such as sidewalks), and water drainage correction service for yards such as French drains in all of Frisco’s neighborhoods:

Arbors at Willow Bay
Austin Norris
Autumn Park
Bella Casa
Belmont Woods
Boyd Acres
Calloway Trails
Canals at Grand Park
Cecile Place
Cheyenne Village
Christie Ranch
Cobb Farm
Cobb Hill Estates
Collinsbrook Farm
Country Club Ridge at The Trails
Creeks on Coit
Creekside at Preston
Creekside at Stonebriar
Crossing at Lawler Park
Crown Ridge
Custer Creek Farms
Cypress Creek
Diamond Point Estates
Dominion at Panther Creek
Edgestone at Legacy
Eldorado Fairways at The Trails
Emerson Estates
Enclave at Creekwood
Estates at Cobb Hill
Estates at Miramonte
Estates at Shaddock
Estates on Legacy
Frisco Heights
Frisco Hills
Frisco Lakes
Frisco Lakes by Del Webb
Frisco Springs
Frisco Ranch Estates
Frisco Square
Gate Tower
Glen View
Golden Gate Village
Griffin Parc
The Grove
Heather Ridge Estates
Heritage Green
Heritage Lakes
Heritage Village
Hidden Cove
Highland Ridge at Lone Star
Hillcrest Estates
Hills of Crown Ridge
Hills of Kingswood
Hunters Creek
Kings Garden
Kingswood Village
Knolls of Frisco
Lake Hill Village
Lake on Legacy
Lakes of Preston Vineyards
Lakeside at Lone Star Ranch
Lawler Park The Crossing
Lexington Country
Liberty Crossing
Lone Star Ranch
Majestic Gardens
Meadow Creek
Meadow Hill Estates
Meadows of Preston
Newman Village
Northwood Manor
Oakmont at Frisco
Panther Creek Estates
Park Place Estates
Park Vista
Parkside Estates
Pearson Farms
Phillips Creek Ranch
Pine Ridge
Plantation Resort
Plantation Springs
Prairie View
Preserve at Lone Star Ranch
Preston Highlands North
Preston Highlands Village
Preston Vineyards
Quail Meadow Village
Retreat at Stonebriar
Richwoods Landing
Ridgeview at Panther Creek
Rivendale by the lake
Saddlebrook Village
Shaddock Creek Estates
Sheridan in Phillips Creek Ranch
Shores at Hidden Cove
Shores at Waterstone
Somerset Park
Sorano Estates
Spring View Estates
Stewart Creek Estates
Stone Creek Village
Stonebrook Crossing
Stonebryck Manor
Stonelake Estates
Stonewater Crossing
The Arbors at Willow Bay
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The Trails of West Frisco
Traditions of Frisco
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Villages at Willow Bay
Villages of Creekwood
Villages of Stonelake Estates
Villas at Belle Creek
Waterford Falls
Westfalls Village
Willow Pond
Winding Creek Estates
Wyndsor Place
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