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There is more to the importance of adequate surface water drainage than just keeping your yard from turning into a small lake or mucky swamp every time it rains. Water that is not drained away from your home soaks into the soil directly around your foundation, leaving it vulnerable to the thousands upon thousands of pounds of hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water saturating the soil. As one of the most unstoppable forces in nature, water simply cannot be stopped unless you provide it an easier path to move through (example: the Grand Canyon). That is where surface drainage systems come in.

What are the advantages of surface drainage?

There are many aspects of homeownership that make investing inadequate surface water drainage a smart move.

Prevent accumulation of water

Too much water around your house could do more than just cause a mess in your yard. Excess water in the soil is a leading cause of foundation damage. When the ground gets saturated with water there is a drastic increase in the soil’s hydrostatic pressure. Water weighs nearly 8.5 pounds per gallon. One inch of rain falling on 1 acre of ground is equal to about 27,154 gallons of water – that’s about 113 tons total of just water. If your home rests on the average plot size of roughly .20 acres, you can expect about 22 tons of water to fall on and around your home. Without a proper surface drainage system, all of that water will soak into the soil around your foundation and exert tons of pounds of pressure on it. This leads to leaks, cracks, and bowing walls. Once the soil dries out after being inundated with water, it is likely to shift and shrink, pulling away from your foundation and putting more of your home’s weight on your foundation walls instead of having it dispersed through the soil. The preventative maintenance of installing an appropriate surface drainage system is your best bet at preventing the complication and expense of foundation problems.

Reduce soil erosion

It does not take even a particularly heavy rain to displace soil from your landscaping to other areas of your yard. If your drainage is not adequate, you can see soil wash across your sidewalks, cover your flower beds, and build up in low points in your yard. Soil erosion generally causes the soil to lose important nutrients that make it fertile so you are left with a yard that’s less able of growing the grasses and plants you want for your landscaping.

Avoid toxic materials in flash floods

Flash flooding is a very real and relatively common danger in Texas. One of the lesser talked about issues related to flash flooding is the fact that it can carry contaminated water from place to place without anything to stop it. Having adequate surface drainage is imperative during a flash flood because surface drainage works most quickly to remove the contaminated water from around your home and to direct it somewhere it can be safely treated.

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