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Signs Of Foundation Problems

We found a helpful article from an archived version of a DFW foundation repair website we recently acquired. All credits go to the original author, and here are the tips about common signs of foundation problems for homes in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area:

Signs of foundation problems may be apparent either on the inside or outside of a building.

Interior signs of foundation problems:

Ceiling separation from the wall
Ceiling cracks
Ceiling trim separation
Doors stuck or sticking
Door frame askew
Fireplace cracks
Fireplace separation from wall or ceiling
Floor hump, sinking or upheaval
Floor tile cracks
Floor separation or noticeable ridge
Floor slope
Floor is bouncy (wooden pier and beam house)
Garage floor unnaturally sloped
Kitchen or bath cabinet separation from wall or ceiling
Paneling separation at joints
Wall cracks
Wall separation from the floor
Wallpaper tears or wrinkles
Windows stuck 

Exterior signs of foundation problems:

Bricks broken
Brick wall mortar joint separation
Brick wall movement or leaning
Brick wall expansion joint width widens at top
Caulk line shows evidence of movement
Chimney tilting or separation from house
Concrete cracks in foundation
Door stuck or sticking
Door frame separation from brick or trim
Patio or porch separation or rise/fall from house
Roof line uneven along top of roof
Window stuck
Window frame separation from brick or trim
Window caulk separation
Wood trim separation or movement 

When caught early, the cost of foundation repair can greatly be minimized.

By now you may have recognized some of these signs in your own home. Before you throw up your hands and say, we can’t afford this.

Our experience is that about 50% of the homes that we inspect need little or no foundation repair. Some of the problems can be solved by drainage correction.

A leaking pipe under a concrete slab, either sewer or fresh water, can cause the ground to swell and give the false impression that the foundation is failing. Water collection under a pier and beam home can the piers, causing the beams and floor to rise. Stagnant water under a pier and beam house will cause the concrete piers, which often rest on the surface of the soil, to sink.

Foundation problems need to be promptly resolved. Unless the causes of foundation problem are identified and repaired, the foundation will suffer, with additional damage in the form of cracked walls, stuck doors, breaks or separation in walls and ceilings, cracks in slabs, broken water lines, roof separation, and ugly cracks in exterior brick.

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