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Some Common Questions About Foundations

Here are some commonly asked questions about foundations and foundation repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area:

  1. The house inspector’s report says ” some evidence of settling” or “foundation is in reasonable condition for its age”. What does this mean?

These statements may be major warning signs. Discuss this with a foundation professional.

2. What is the difference between a Level A and a Level B foundation inspection report?

The level B report provides hard numbers on foundation flatness along with analysis and recommendations. The Level A report tends to be a brief summary of the condition, lacking solid factual measurements.

3. Why is drainage so important?

Water accumulation along one area of a house can cause destructive upheaval as well as foundation sinking. The Dallas-Ft worth area Montmorillonite clay is geologically known to fail in high moisture conditions. Poor drainage drives the need for foundation repairs. For more info refer to the section of this web site on foundation stress .

4. What about French Drains?

Sometimes needed as part of a drainage correction and foundation repair program to eliminate areas of standing water or high soil saturation.

5. Can I postpone repairs?

Once a foundation begins to fail, it needs immediate attention to identify the problem and stop the damage from spreading.

6. Is a surface drain as good as a French Drain?

The drain type is site dependent. Surface drains collect water on top of the ground. French drains draw off water that has penetrated the ground. Sometimes a hybrid solution is employed, with a buried French Drain with surface water collection drains.

7. How does a plumbing leak effect a foundation?

In the early stages of a leak, the soil swells and may create a noticeable hump in the floor. Continued leaking leads to soil erosion and a drop in the slab. Typically, Texas insurance companies reimburse homeowners for loss only if leak damage is massive and sudden. Slow leaks are seldom covered and are unfortunately a frequent cause of foundation problems.

8. How long does it take for typical foundation repairs?

Depending upon the number of piers, steel pier foundation repairs are completed in 1-3 days. Concrete methods normally require 2-10 days.

9. Can I dig near a foundation?

Because of soil movement which could undermine the support of a house, Granite recommends that the hole depth not exceed the distance to the foundation.

10. I am having a new home built. What should I do about the foundation?

Hire a professional independent engineer to review foundation design and oversee critical stages of construction.